A dog wears a marijuana sticker August 12, 2001, at the ”Smokey Bears Picnic”, a pro-marijuana gathering in Portsmouth on the South coast of England. The meeting was to raise awareness for the decriminalization of marijuana in the UK. (Photo by Sion Touhig / Getty Images)

A bill sponsored by state Senator Tick Segerblom (Dem-Nevada) would permit pet owners to give marijuana to their ailing pets subject to a certification from a veterinarian showing that the drug would alleviate the illness. The proposal was attached to a more massive bill and is yet to become law. The Senator acknowledged the possibility of adverse reactions but said: “you don’t know until you try.”

U.S. News and World Report wrote that Los Angeles veterinarian, Doug Kramer said that pot “helped ease his Siberian husky’s pain during her final weeks after she had surgery to remove tumors.” Other experts have condoned the use of marijuana for sick animals.  Dr. Amanda Reiman of California wrote, “Given that our animal friends may not be able to show us how they are feeling with complete accuracy, we are often left to make decisions about their medical treatments based on advice and good intentions.” She decided to mix a little cannabis oil  in with her [kittens] wet food and “was astounded at the difference.” Her pet “started acting like a kitten again, able to eat and play.”


Meanwhile, a fellow Democrat of Segerblom, was quoted by the “U.S. News” as saying about his colleague’s proposal, “This gives me pause, alcohol is bad, chocolate is bad for dogs.” Hmm, It’s kind of hard to dispute that profound logic! But I will try. The main reason chocolate is bad for dogs is because it contains theobromine and their system cannot metabolize it fast enough creating a toxic build up- at times, to lethal levels. Marijuana does not have chocolate in it (I know what you are thinking, but they are not talking about feeding the pets brownies). Alcohol is bad for dogs because they get drunk, and when they chase after balls, they keep running right into a busy street. Marijuana does not have alcohol in it, so it is safe, that way, to feed it to them. The real question is if pot is legal for sick dogs, will the advocates want to use stronger drugs, and especially those people who do not have pets. Will police dogs start using pot? If so, could they be trusted to “alert” around their dealer’s van? These are questions and concerns that need to be “weeded”-out at the Nevada capital.


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