Eve Stratford, a glamour model, who was murdered on the evening of March 18, 1975

Eve Stratford

Detectives in London have offered a $40,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of anyone connected to the murder of Eve Strafford (22) and Lynne Weedon (16) that occurred in 1975. Strafford, a model who worked at London’s Playboy Club was found in her home in Leyton with her throat slashed. Weedon was found near her home in Hounslow six months later where she had been viciously attacked- she died a week later. In 2006, DNA evidence linked the same suspect to the murders- police believe he would be in his 60’s or 70’s by now. Strafford’s throat had been slashed between 8 and 12 times and she was found with a nylon stocking tied around one ankle and a scarf used to tie her hands behind her back. She had been dating Tony Priest, a singer in the band called Onyx. Priest and many other figures had been interviewed and eliminated as suspects. Weedon had been hit over the head with a blunt instrument as she was walking towards her home,and was then tossed over a fence, raped, and left for dead. Eve’s father, her last known relative, died without knowing who killed his daughter. Lynne’s parents, now in their 80’s, are hoping for closure in the case that has haunted them for over 40 years. The two women apparently did not know one another. Detectives have not ruled out the possibility that the same man has killed others.

Stratford (left) and Lynne Weedon (right)