Biden Says Character is on the Ballot– It is, and He loses This Battle

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Biden said at the debate that “Character is on the ballot’; Biden loses this fight.

He denied that he ever said that he supported banning fracking. He is on tape many times, saying that he was going to ban fracking. His vice president candidate Harris said she is “totally against fracking.”

Biden lies about his position on eliminating fossil fuels. At a recent Biden event to an attendee at the event, he said, “Look into my eyes; we will ban fossil fuels.” In tonight’s debate, Biden declared war on the oil and fuel industry.

Irrespective of the people who have already voted, Biden did himself much harm tonight, especially in the energy and fuel states such as Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Texas. Also, Biden’s plans to abolish fossil fuels would have a devastating impact on the thousands of factories, truck driver (and the companies that depend on deliveries and transporting their products to consumers). The genuine damage Biden’s anti-fossil fuels agenda would cripple America’s economy.

Moreover,  emails and other message apps have presented substantial evidence of Biden’s criminal enterprise activities. He knew of his son’s involvement in these transactions. There is probable cause to support indictments.

Biden denied calling black Americans “super predators.” when he vigorously supported his 1994 crime bill. He did.

These are a few examples of Biden’s bad character.

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