Top Five Hottest Stars in Hollywood today

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We decided to rate 50 stars based on beauty and talent.

We picked fifty men to judge the stars then rated them on a 1-10 scale. The list was then narrowed to five women. They are rated below on a 1-5 scale.  

Finally, I participated and picked my favorite. My pick is marked with an X.

Amber Heard


 Amber Heard

Margot Robbie

Michelle Monaghan



Megan Fox

#4 We reduced her score after reviewing her thing with Machine Gun Kelly! The long-rumored couple made their debut on the social media site this week. We are not impressed.

 Megan Fox

Michelle Monaghan
#3 Michelle Monaghan


Nina Dobrev

Nina Dorren #1 X

No worries, ladies, you all beat 90 other stars. It should be noted that 50 men making their choices are very picky and easy on the eyes. The favorites were based on a sense of connection, a review of their work, a sense of character, and distinct beauty.

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