Biden’s inability to distinguish friend from foe confuses potential allies and hurts the USA

His incoherent messaging keeps potential allies at bay

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Now that President Trump is about to leave office, the onus is on Joe Biden to define our allies and those who are enemies. Thus far, in his pre-President status, Biden has kept his campaign rhetoric that Russia is the boogeyman: He thinks China is our pal. Of course, he is wrong.

Biden’s inability to distinguish the difference between friend and foe is not only deeply troubling for the USA, but it also sends weak and mixed messages to our potential allies.

“Americans no longer agree on the identity of their main opponent. Their reasons have little to do with global geopolitics and a lot with internal divisions.

Democrats believe the main enemy is Russia: throughout the last four years, the party’s leaders, echoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have maintained that ‘with [Trump] all roads lead to Putin.’

Republicans have responded tit for tat, in a way that recalls playground squabbles, by nicknaming the president-elect ‘Beijing Biden.’ Biden’s son Hunter has done business in China, and globalization, which Republicans blame on Democrats, has meant great business for China. QED”,

This is the message Republicans will use against Biden. It will replace four years of anti-Russian paranoia fed by the Democrats to attack Trump.

The China Sea, Taiwan, the Uyghurs, Hong Kong: all of these will be used to test the new administration’s determination to stand up to China.

But as long as they remain members of an alliance led by a power that has lost its bearings, they are unlikely to find peace any time soon,” the Le Monde diplomatique opines.

We agree.  During his campaign, Biden chose to jump on the Democrat bandwagon by decrying President Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. This issue played a significant role in Biden’s election even though the premise was proven false. He has not been able to determine who is our enemy and who is not ever since.

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