Biden’s actions, not words, do little to promote unity in the country: We expect more “words” at his inaugural address

“We appear to be at the beginning of a massive crackdown on people who have supported Donald Trump, led by big tech and big media. These entities are making Trump into an example of their power to frighten the half of America that supported him in November.  We cannot allow them to intimidate us.

But they sure are trying, and on some, they will succeed. They are using the excuse of an unrepresentative group of fools criminally ransacking U.S. Capitol offices with a lighter touch than many of this summer’s often unpunished Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters.

Remember: Some of those rioters got away with murder, attacking public buildings, including state capitolsarson, and stopping ambulances from bringing wounded police into hospitals for treatment. They were bailed out with the help of the incoming Democrat vice president,” the recently wrote.


President-elect Biden has on occasion called for unity across party division and in the country in general. However, his actions do not advance the same. He has not fully condemned the actions of extremists who support him; he takes jabs at Trump and has done nothing to disinvest himself from the current ridiculous Impeachment movement; he has done nothing to stop his Democrat pals from attacking Trump supporters through censorship and bullying tactics; he has not given Trump praise where praise is due. In short, Biden has done hardly anything to promote aggregation.

We expect Biden to reverently raise the issue of unity again at his Inaugural address– and most people want that– the question is, will his actions mirror his words?

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