Missing woman, Jessica Goodwin (29), found alive in critical condition in Gila River Indian property

No firm evidence of foul play yet

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Jessica Goodwin (29), who had been missing since January 11th of this year, was rescued Sunday afternoon near the Gila River Indian Community and was airlifted to a local hospital. Jessica Goodwin was reported missing on January 11 after calling out sick from her job as a chiropractor.

She vanished from her home in Gilbert, which is on Phoenix’s outskirts, leaving behind her dog, and was last seen in surveillance footage driving her white 2013 Volkswagen Jetta, driving away from a car wash, which was the last place she used her credit card.

The “police discovered Jessica after tracing her cell phone signal to the Gila River Indian Reservation, a desert-like area some 30 miles from her home, the dailymail, reported.

“This is the outcome we have all been hoping and praying for,” Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb said in a statement. “I commend our detectives and our Search and Rescue team for their commitment and attention to detail.”


Although Ms. Goodwin’s plight has not yet morphed into a criminal case per se, her sudden absence rendered some suspicious details.

Her dog was left at the house unattended, something she would not do, according to Fox 10. “If she’s going to go for a drive, a 20 or 30-minute one, she’s going to bring her dog. If she goes out of town, she brings her dog. She never leaves her dog for longer than a night.”

Her vehicle sustained minor damage, thereby diminishing the probability that the accident caused her sudden absence; there is currently no evidence that she abandoned her vehicle and walked around aimlessly, for example.

The fact that her vehicle was found 30 miles from her residence raises questions. Why was she in this area? Did she go there voluntarily?

Hopefully, Goodwin will soon be in a mental state to answer these and other questions.






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