Christine Dacera, (23), was found dead in a classy hotel room in the Philippines, Family says police botched the investigation

Police jumped to premature charges with inadequate scientific evidence

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Christine Dacera, (23), was found dead in a hotel room after a New Year’s Eve party on January 1st. A series of stumbles by the police handling the investigation have exasperated the victim’s family members, causing them to initiate investigations of their own, including a private autopsy.

Following the body’s discovery, and after some cursory examinations of Dacera’s body, the police abruptly said she had been raped and murdered and arrested three men.

Dacera, a 23-year-old Philippine Airlines flight attendant, was last seen partying with at least 11 men at the City Garden Hotel in Poblacion, Makati City, to welcome the New Year.

The Makati City Prosecutor’s Office later identified  Dacera’s colleague Rommel Galido and those who first determined to rent a room as Rey Ingles, Louie de Lima, John Paul de la Serna, and Clark Rapinan. But the men have now been released. The Makati City Prosecutor’s Office said, “the pieces of evidence so far submitted are insufficient to establish that Dacera was sexually assaulted or raped.” Two suspects claimed they had been compelled to make false statements about drug use at the party because police subjected them to mental cruelty.

Makati Police Chief Colonel Harold Depositar has been ordered to be released from the case. Extensive criticism of the police department’s handling of the case has emerged: there have been missteps during the collection of evidence, and toxicology tests were not initially conducted.  It is unknown whether DNA testing was completed. Partial Source: 7

The official investigation continues as well as the private undertakings. Additional results of the new examinations are expected soon.

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