Another Hollywood clown, Jim Carrey, takes a cheap parting shot at Melania Trump

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Actor, Jim Carrey, called Melania Trump the “worst first lady” in a new portrait caricature that mocks her appearance in an unclassy rant on Twitter.

Melania Trump received no passion from the mainstream media, including fashion magazines, which never featured her on their covers despite her past modeling career in Europe. Hollywood celebrities derided her unrelentingly, with rapper and Joe Biden surrogate Cardi B smearing her as a prostitute.

Melania has been treated more disrespectfully and disgracefully than any other First Lady.

Melania Trump successfully sued a Maryland journalist who claimed that she worked as a prostitute. She won an undisclosed settlement in the suit in 2017, and the journalist retracted his story.

Carrey has been something of a recluse following lawsuits that have been brought against him. His stardom appears to be a thing of the past. We think Hollywood characters should be seen and not heard; they should concentrate on acting and not wade into political rubbish; many are not clever enough to say something considerable.

Last year, Showtime canceled Carrey’s series Kidding after two seasons, according to Breitbart.


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