Kellyanne Conway’s alleged posting of a topless picture of her teenage daughter invokes questions of a hack

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Kellyanne Conway’s 16-year-old daughter, Claudia, originally professed on social media that her mother took away her phone and tweeted out a topless photo of the teenager; she apparently has softened her tone.

The photo allegedly appeared on the elder Conway’s Twitter account. My mom deserves to go to jail,” she said in the videos that reappeared on Twitter. “That’s unreal. She’s the only person that has it,” Claudia wrote.

The two have had several public disputes; some speculate that Kelylanne’s demanding work schedule has kept them apart– a reason for her departure from her Trump administration functions.


After recovering from her moments of irrational thought, Claudia now says her mom possibly posted the picture accidentally, or her account was hacked; she urged her followers to stop contacting law enforcement over the alleged photo. Source: the New York Post

We do not think that if Kellyanne posted the picture, she did so for malicious purposes. It seems more likely that the posting was done accidentally or her account was hacked.


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