In our opinion, Jim Acosta’s “work” is the antithesis of journalism

Jim Acosta, the CNN mouthpiece, who gained infamy through his caustic and uninformative “reporting” on former President, Donald Trump, has announced that “he will treat President Biden much nicer than he did President Donald Trump.” Go figure.

“Acosta is a performance journalist, a television reporter who makes himself the story, as Acosta usually did, by acting out during a Trump press conference or a White House briefing.

Acosta did this regularly — and benefited financially from doing so — when he frequently made himself a hero by promoting the narrative that he, at great risk, was standing up for freedom of the press.

When he did his White House standups, the story was usually about him, and not the news, and CNN ran with it,” MSN.COM reported.


A journalist is someone who investigates, collects, and presents information as a news story. Journalists are relied upon to deliver news in a well-rounded, objective manner– news reports showed factually without analysis.

In our opinion, Acosta’s “work” is the antithesis of journalism; he is a pitiful and biased bloviator—particularly where Trump is concerned.


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