Marine Le Pen polls close to President Emmanuel in the 2022 French presidential election

Marine Le Pen, a likely opponent against President Emmanuel in the 2022 French presidential election, has pulled closer in the race, even as she resurrects her populace themes. On Friday, she called for a ban on Muslim headscarves in public places

Some opine that the hijab policy may be deemed unconstitutional; however, that is not so clear. Moreover, recent polling shows her closer than she was in her last campaigns. Some are now speculating about whether her opposition to the EU, and criticism of immigration policies have boosted her approval ratings. Le Pen currently trails Emmanuel by a 52/48 margin—the highest she has ever ranked in her previous campaigns for President.

“I consider that the headscarf is an Islamist item of clothing,  Le Pen told reporters at a press conference where she proposed a new law to ban “Islamist ideologies,” which she called totalitarian.

“Le Pen has benefited from frustration and anger over the pandemic, with France on the verge of a third lockdown and the beheading of a French school teacher by an Islamist last October.

The beheading of Samuel Paty in a town northwest of Paris rekindled bitter arguments in France about immigration and Islamism’s threat while putting the country’s strict form of secularism under international scrutiny”, France24 reported.

An 18-year-old extremist attacked the teacher after he showed satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed to pupils during a civics class on free speech.

In response to the teacher’s horrific murder, Macron’s government shut many organizations deemed Islamist and drafted law legislation initially called “the anti-separatism bill,” which cracks down on foreign funding for Islamic organizations, France24 reported.

Under the presidential system, the top two candidates in a first round of voting progress to a second-round run-off where the winner must get more than 50 percent.


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