Progressiveness versus Traditionalism: The French 1989 Revolution and the US today

Americans want compromise, and less division and fewer words, and more unified actions from their President.

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The French Revolution began in 1789 and ended in the late 1790s. It was a bloody war brought to being by progressives. Russian author, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, held some traditional views regarding the liberal proponents of the war that, in some limited behaviors, seem instructive on events in the United States.

The genealogy of progressivism runs from Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s naïve belief that savages engaged in bloody warfare were necessary to achieve utopia, to “deterministic dialectical materialism of Karl Marx, out of which arose the horrors inflicted on their people by Lenin and Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, and Kim Jong-Il”, the Federalist opines.  

According to all these progressive leaders, history was moving unstoppably toward their worker’s paradise. Anyone who sought to hinder its arrival—by deed, word, or thought—was backward, unenlightened, and used a cherished word of Marxist elites, atavistic, the Federalist continues.   

The French enthusiasts of socialism and communism were of the mind that “every crime committed in the present is justified by the glorious future of peace, prosperity, and universal brotherhood that Marx’s principles purport to bring about.” However, their actual experiences during the revolution were left out of the equation; instead, they relied on the principle that the ends justify the means.

The events that unfolded during the summer of 2020 is illuminating. The rioters watched businesses being looted and burned but could only see peaceful protests in the name of racial justice and economic equity. “They are those who not only live and propagate the lie but who come to believe it themselves.”—source: The Federalist.

The conditions during the French Revolution in 1789 were frightening. The country’s defense against the American Revolution was costly; illness throughout the land and droughts severely impacted the economy.

The most notable comparison to America’s existing conditions today is the Corona Virus—an issue the Democrats campaigned heavily on. The other quandaries, immigration, racial and economic disparity, and the environment are close behind. However, the circumstances in France were much more pronounced.

All of the concerns mentioned above can be undeniably advanced through our democratic form of government; socialism or communism is not the answer; there needs to be a compromise—but therein lies the problem; the Democrat’s seem resistant to compromise, instead insisting on programs that could be labeled as socialistic.

Moreover, through his actions (Executive Orders), Biden is advancing divisiveness across the country. He needs to stop trying to assuage the far-left and focus on matters that affect all Americans. For example, the elimination of over 12,000 jobs in the pipeline business is a bad start. Americans want compromise, and less division and fewer words, and more unified actions from their President.


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