Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: the left’s Constitution-busting attacks against her should be decried by Republicans

Democrats and their obedient liberal media pals are revved up to attack Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene over comments or actions the new Representative from Georgia has made; some seek her removal from multiple House committees, while others call for her expulsion from Congress. Greene serves on the Education, Labor, and Budget Committees.

We find the move to strip Greene of her posts to be primarily politically driven. Greene says she enjoys the support of Donald Trump. The bulk of other Republicans do not assign to the feverish onslaught mode exhibited by Democrats.

Moreover, anything that Greene has said is protected speech under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. Her conduct, visual depictions, and words are not detached from the Constitution’s umbrella of protection.

As we have noted, unpopular speech and conduct are protected in America.

During the height of the Viet Nam conflict, “A California man was charged criminally for wearing a tee-shirt that read ‘Fuck the draft.’ He was convicted, but the Supreme Court reversed his conviction, ruling that his message was protected under the first amendment. The court noted that ‘One man’s vulgarity is another’s lyric.’”

The first-amendment protects offensive and unpopular speech. You can disagree with something that is said, but you must defend the right to say it—that is the essence of the liberties granted under the first amendment.”

Of all the alleged “victims” of Greene’s sometimes verbose and highly opinionated comments, we find David Hoggs’ to be particularly ill-suited. In reaction to Greene’s interaction with him concerning con control, he said that he “absolutely” felt threatened by Marjorie Taylor Greene when she confronted him over gun control during a YouTube video that has recently emerged.

Felt “threatened!”  We don’t see it–  we think that no reasonable person should feel threatened under the circumstances depicted in this video.

If you don’t like Greene, the moral of this story is not to vote for her if you reside in her district. For the rest of you would be Constitutional-busters, well, thanks to the framers of the Constitution, you can continue to spout off.





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