As Andy Ngo reports the truth, he could use a little help from his like-minded friends

The crazed cancer culture zealots frighten their detractors-who need to toughen up

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Victims of the cancel culture are often reviled because he/she holds conservative views or reports accurately on the radical movements of Antifa and similar groups.  Astonishingly, many who despise the radical, harmful, and visceral censures of the culture are too terrified to resist these intellectually impugned dividers of the nation. They should be met with like force by those who believe in truth and justice and traditional American values and resist the flawed thoughts of “cultural curators;” AndyNgo does that in his book.

“Last week, Winston Marshall, the banjo player for the band Mumford & Sons, tweeted his support for author Andy Ngo for his recent book, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy. Within moments, his life changed, thanks to the culture curators. The next day, he announced that he’s “taking time away from the band” to examine his “blind spots.”

His career and life may have been destroyed because his thoughts were outside the norms of what our cultural curators deem socially acceptable, and why? You see, Ngo is conservative. And no one within our cultural curators is conservative, and if a person is, he or she remains silent. Source: COVID One Year Later

Ngo told “America’s Newsroom” co-host Bill Hemmer that Marshall’s exit from the band is being covered as “the latest example of cancel culture,” but he thinks it’s bigger than simply being part of cancel culture.

“I don’t think that term fully encapsulates what’s going on. We’re dealing with a phenomenon of people who have powerful ties who are working to systematically close minds and to silence voices,” said Ngo, author of “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.”

“They’re doing this entirely without throwing a punch, without any legislative change, that’s what makes it quite shocking… and insidious,” Ngo added. “I think all of these campaigns work to undermine American norms and to undermine civil society. This particular musician has been made to suffer pretty severe consequences for a pretty innocuous tweet about enjoying my book.” reported.

When Andy Ngo was attacked in the streets by Antifa in the summer of 2019, most people assumed it was an isolated incident. But those who’d been following Ngo’s reporting in outlets like the New York Post and Quillette knew that the attack was only the latest in a long line of crimes perpetrated by Antifa.

In Unmasked, Andy Ngo tells the story of this violent extremist movement from the very beginning. He includes interviews with former followers of the group, people who’ve been attacked by them and incorporates stories from his own life. This book contains a trove of documents obtained by the author, published for the first time. Purchase the book here.

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