It’s easy to blame racism for the disparities in child removal in foster care cases , but it’s just not true

Naomi Schaefer Riley writes in the City Journal about a foster care initiative that does not take race into account when making placement decisions. The concept is referred to as race-blind decision-making. It is not working so well.

“What if we could just snap our fingers and get rid of racial disparities in the child-welfare system? Boosters of a recent experiment in “race-blind” decision-making, launched first in Nassau County, say we can do just that. Sound too good to be true? It is.

In 2010, Nassau County initiated a policy of “blind removals,” which means that a committee of child-welfare professionals determines whether to take a child into foster care based on an assessment that does not include race or other demographic information.

The advent of this policy coincided with a five-year-decline in the percentage of black children going into foster care. As a result, public agencies and private philanthropies have been clamoring to adopt blind removals around the country.’

It’s easy to blame racism for the disparities in child removals, but it’s just not true. And making decisions blindfolded won’t help anyone. Read here for the complete article.

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