Senator Rand Paul demonstrates that Dr. Fauci is punching above his weight

We add that Fauci comes off as a publicity hound

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We think Senator Rand Paul did a complete take-down of Dr. Fauci at a Senate hearing this past week. The video has generated much commentary from both sides of the issue: Is Fauci doing a competent job?

The question of his competency, in general, is not the real issue. Instead, how can he be considered the leading spokesperson on the Coronavirus matter, given his inconsistent and flip-flopping opinions?

The short answer is he cannot; as we said before, “He is constantly double-talking about the contagion, “don’t wear a mask,” “wear a mask,” “you are at a low risk,” “particles don’t remain on plastic bags and metal for three days,” “particles are airborne,” “children can go to school,” “need to determine if children can go back to school in the fall, etc.”

We add that Fauci comes off as a publicity hound, frequently espousing punching above his weight theories that direct the conversation towards himself. He cuddles the current administration to gain more star power. He wants to be the story.

Thankfully, leaders like Paul know how to verbally spank a student and send him/her home from school.

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