The dismissal of charges against Bill Cosby brings screeching Hollywood” insiders” to insist of his financial doom

Bill Cosby’s future in Hollywood is destined to oblivion according to an ongoing and intellectually corrupt swath of entertainment types. His empire was amassed by playing a helpful, wholesome, fatherly figure in everything from his landmark “Cosby Show” on NBC to the animated “Fat Albert” series to memorable commercials for Jell-O Pudding Pops.

But industry “insiders,” say there is little chance that the 83-year-old entertainer may be able to chart a comeback, now that he has won release on a technicality from a prison term after being convicted in 2018 on three counts of aggravated assault against former Temple University employee Andrea Constand. That trial came amid a cascade of allegations that Cosby committed sexual assaults on more than 60 women. Source: We have said before that these screeching idiots howel above their pretextual capabilities.

Bill Cosby: “Far more predatory than a man serially intoxicating women to perform some tactile sex act is a system that does the bidding of hysterical, cheering lynchers buoyed by the caging of a blind man.” – Our Free Opinions

A criminal case dismissal means that the underlying factual allegations to support the charge’[s] have not been proven. In many cases where the charges of criminal conduct have been dismissed, the restoration of civil liberties are restored. There is no question that Bill Cosby is not guilty of any criminal act.

If Cosby is denied employment opportunities or loss of income due to the allegations, that is part of the cancel fiascos, not the law.

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