18 degrees below in Minnesota, disabled, probably broke, and hungry

The country is evenly divided over many issues. We can all be united on some things. We spotted this disabled man on the streets of Burnsville, Minnesota, today; at 8:00 am, it was 18 degrees below zero. He permitted us to take his picture. We are unaware of the man’s personal circumstances, but we think he was genuinely in need of assistance.

We are aware that some people take advantage of good samaritans by hanging out at street corners with signs asking for money when they are not homeless, addicted, or physically incapable of working. Some are using the cash they receive for drugs (again, there is no evidence we are aware of that suggests the man depicted in this story is fabricating his plight).

Also, most states provide food and shelter for the homeless. It is often impossible to distinguish between the truly needy and those who are scamming. In many municipalities, homeless and disadvantaged people will not be permitted on the streets for long, but, in cases like the one depicted above, the immediate need is apparent; giving a buck or more is the right move.

We hope that he is not on the streets or avenues tomorrow.  We also hope that states can redirect funds to the homeless away from political groups.


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