Willie Sutton (also from New York) robbed banks for a living-- an estimated $2 million was stolen.
Notorious Bank Robber Willie Sutton

When the infamous bank robber Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he replied: “Because that’s where the money is.” When a Clinton supporter, Jay S. Jacobs was asked about Clinton’s money grab events in the Hamptons, he purportedly replied: “It’s the adage, you go to where the money is.”

Great minds, or at least crooks, seem to operate under the same premise, “You can’t always get what you want” unless you have lots and lots of money. No wonder it is not a surprise that the Clinton campaign’s finance team is led by Dennis Cheng, previously the chief fund-raiser for the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary has been conspicuously absent from campaign events where the general public is concerned; she prefers to rub elbows with the ultra-rich, take their money (lots of it), promise these people access (a trick she learned from the Clinton Foundation) and then leave. Many of these donors are celebrity types not known for their academic prowess or from the recipients of old money they didn’t personally earn.

As the New York Times reports, “Mrs. Clinton has been more than accessible to those who reside in some of the country’s most moneyed enclaves and are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to see her. In the last two weeks of August, Mrs. Clinton raked in roughly $50 million at 22 fund-raising events, averaging around $150,000 an hour, according to a New York Times tally.”

Clinton raised over $143 million in August, and in one single event, in Sagaponack, N.Y., ten people paid at least $250,000 to meet her, raising $2.5 million.

For a donation of $2,700, the children (under 16) of donors at an event last month at the Sag Harbor, N.Y., the estate of the hedge fund magnate Adam Sender could ask Mrs. Clinton a question. A family photo with Mrs. Clinton cost $10,000, according to attendees.”

At yet other events, liberal musicians danced, sang and genuflected before Clinton at various events. “At a private fund-raiser Tuesday night at a waterfront Hamptons estate,  Hillary Clinton danced alongside Jimmy Buffet, Jon Bon Jovi, and Paul McCartney, and joined in a singalong finale to ‘Hey Jude,’” the Times reported. Hmm, maybe “Money Can’t Buy You, Love,” but maybe the White House. 



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