Cassandra Fairbanks
31-year-old activist and journalist Cassandra Fairbanks.

Another liberal female has “flipped script” from talking good about Hillary Clinton to supporting Donald Trump. Journalist and blogger, Cassandra Fairbanks is now encouraging her 75 thousand Twitter followers to consider voting for Trump.

Fairbanks protested against a chilling rape case in Ohio involving a 16-year-old girl, drunk and passed out. The girl was raped “twice over the course of a long evening; her body hauled from party to party by two of Steubenville High’s star football players. Dozens of teens witnessed the events. Not one intervened. Instead, they took photos and broadcast them to the world on Instagram and Twitter. “Whore status,” one tweeted. “Hahahahhaaha.”

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Ms. Fairbanks


Fairbanks also sided with Black Lives Matter protests and railed against immigration policies that discriminated against immigrants, and once wrote “Why should an invisible line created by some [politicians] dictate where we can and cannot go? If I want to go to the beach at 11pm I should be able to. If I feel like rowing a boat to Australia, why can’t I just go?”

After studying the issues and listening carefully to the opinions of the candidates on such diverse matters as free trade and other foreign policy issues Fairbanks reevaluated her thinking and determined that Trump was making more sense.


Cassandra Fairbanks is yet another former liberal millennial who has taken the time to think about the substantive issues the candidates are talking about, and how such matters impact the good of the country instead of basing their decisions on narrow special interests that only affect them. Moreover, Fairbanks has distinguished herself by educating herself on the subjects. Well played Ms. Fairbanks.






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