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Mr. Andrew Sullivan — an “idiosyncratic gay Catholic conservative” settled into a routine of reading, meditation and exercise along with work on a spiritual memoir about what it means to be a Christian in the 21st century, has rejoined the political fray, the New York Times reports.

Sullivan wrote a 7,000-plus-word cover article in a New York magazine denouncing Donald Trump not just as a dangerous politician but a threat to democracy itself.

Sullivan must have recently read a book about Plato and paraphrased him in the article– a lot–in this anti-Trump mega opus (not!).

But writing talent aside, Sullivan did get one thing right– he essentially agreed that the “elite media is utterly failing to connect with Trump supporters”. The topic came up when the New York Times referenced a recent interview with Slate  wherein Glenn Greenwald said that “the American media is now 100 percent united, vehemently, against Trump.” Sullivan was asked if he agreed with Greenwald and responded

There is obviously a disconnect between many of us in media,” and that the media may have missed a core element of this [Brexit phenomenon], and similarly, “thereby missed, Trump’s appeal and potential.”

The Times reporter asked Sullivan “Given that disconnect, how much of a difference can arguments like yours make? He responded One gets the feeling we, the media, are irrelevant in some ways.” He added, “Someone I follow on Twitter recently joked, “Trump cannot win because no one in my feed likes him.”

Although many would now consider Sullivan a traitor to the Republican party, his observations about the press are alarmingly accurate. Take the recent scandals concerning women and Donald Trump. Mainstream media has given 90 percent more coverage to these unproven (and suspiciously timed) allegations than they have with the negative Clinton Wikileaks emails.  

It has never been a question about the veracity or accuracy of the accusers, the theme of the anti-Trump press (and this includes 90% of them) is that there must be truth in numbers– never mind that such belated claims make it nearly impossible to disprove by Trump.

Never in the history of American Presidential elections has the press been so biased against a candidate. Just as importantly, never has the public so mistrusted and despised the media. Papers like the New York Times have sunk so low into this dark abyss that they will no longer be able to recover fully.

P.S. We wonder whether Sullivan still has such a high opinion of the Clinton Democrats after it was disclosed that they characterized the Catholic Church as being stuck in a “middle ages dictatorship.”

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