Women are Being Locked Up in the United Arab Emirates Even Though Many Were Clearly Victims of Rape

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Women are being locked up in the United Arab Emirates even though many were clearly victims of rape

Another woman, this time a 25-year-old Brit, who was allegedly raped by two UK men, has been accused by Dubai authorities of having sex outside of marriage. If convicted, she faces months to years in prison and flogging.

The woman was taking some time away from her work in the computer field and had planned to make a ‘once in a lifetime” trip around the world to celebrate her achievements. Her nightmare began shortly after arriving in the country when she was attacked by the two UK men after they had lured her into an enjoining motel room. Family members say the two men took turns with her and filmed the incident.

She is out on bail but fears a possible long jail term for breaching the United Arab Emirates Sharia laws on sex outside of marriage. Almost immediately after reporting the rape, she was locked up and charged.


We find these laws to be archaic and senseless across the board. But even if they were acceptable, the statutes as applied, discriminate against women.

Although both of the married couples are prohibited from having extramarital sex, and it is against the law for a single person to have sex with a married person, pregnancy is often used as proof of the crime, thereby unfairly targeting them, many who are female migrant workers numbering over 150,000

These women are being locked up in the United Arab Emirates even though many were clearly victims of rape. To say that these women are being re-victimized is an understatement of significant proportions. The practice should end now, but probably won’t.

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