A brief book review of Vicky Ward’s “Kushner, Inc.–Greed, Ambition and Corruption”


When Donald Trump ascended to the Presidency and moved into the White House, Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner quickly tagged along. We cautioned the President about the dangers inherent in such a transition when we said:

“The beef many have is that the move smacks of nepotism in general, and legal sense. Federal law prohibits the appointment or employment of a relative to any agency who is related to, and under the control of the President with few exceptions.

It is a question of undue influence and competence: It is impractical to work in the best interests of the country when your relative grades your work.”

Since Jared Kushner has been in the White House, senior Trump-appointed officials have vocally confronted him for tangling his business interests and official government status—especially in the Middle East. Vicky Ward writes about such details in her book, “Kushner, Inc.”

Ward attacks Kushner’s efforts to get Chinese financing for the Kushner’s failing real estate ventures, including the infamous 666 Fifth Avenue property in New York, a fiasco engineered by his father, Charley Kushner. After years of faltering near bankruptcy, the poor investment was bailed out by a Qatari-backed investment fund.

Ward depicts Kushner as a selfish and opportunistic man who has not hesitated to use his father-in-law’s title to attend his interests. He is not respected by White House staffers who have referred to him as the “secretary of everything.”

Ward writes that Steve Bannon is deeply critical of both Ivanka and Jared and that she has used her position to elevate her private interests in subtle ways.


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