Court rejects Britney Spears attempt to remove her father as a conservator in her case amidst cries of lack of transparency

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Britney Spears’s, 38. lost her motion to remove her father, James Spears, from the conservatorship.

Jamie Spears has been his daughter’s legal guardian for 12 years due to concerns about her mental health.

Ms. Spears’ lawyer said the pop star was “afraid” of him and that she would not perform so long as he remained in the role.

Her father’s lawyer argued that he always acted in the best interests of his daughter.

A judge said she would consider future appeals for his dismissal or outright removal, the BBC reported.

Many fans believe that Britney has been mistreated in the court proceedings and by her father and others. There continues to be a lack of transparency on the part of the court and lawyers, some say.

Britney is a highly skilled entertainer and one of the top three performers in business history.  We agree that more glassiness is needed. We are mindful of her tremendous earning powers and wonder whether that somehow affects the case. Regardless, let’s hear from Britney directly.

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