A Short Book Review of “Hacks” by Donna Brazile


The author purports to shed light on the alleged Russian hack on the Democratic National Committee (DNC)—from the perspective of an insider – Donna Brazile, has had a reputation “as a one-stop shop for fixing sticky problems.” The book fails to reveal any meaningful novel intelligence on this subject, however. Rather, Brazile mostly sets out her angst over being ignored and mistreated by “Brooklyn,” the core of the Hillary Clinton campaign. As it turns out, she is probably correct—Clinton likely snubbed and used her and then didn’t listen to Brazile on significant issues—particularly the voting base of African Americans and other inner-city dwellers who Clinton took for granted.

Brazile also significantly overplays her hand as a political strategist and campaign advisor—she hasn’t been on the winning team much. She knew what was up when she decided to take the interim chair of the DOC. She knew how the Clinton’s operated. Feeding debate questions to Clinton is glossed over.

But she is a compassionate writer, and on personal issues, I find the accounting of her daily stress necessitating drinking wine, gardening and hanging out with her dog compelling. She seems like the kind of person one would like to have a few drinks with and discuss politics in general and her interesting and unique life in Louisiana.

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