According to narrow-minded writers in the mainstream press, racism is everywhere

Millennials and Generation Z voters are influenced by narrow-minded writers in the mainstream press, who allege that racism is everywhere, and nowhere has this been more self-evident than in the pages of the New York Times; as we recently noted, “the paper has abandoned all sense of journalism ethics and fundamental notions of fair play to support Biden’s election that is enveloped in a path of socialism if not communism.”

The paper is at it again. “The New York Times has published the latest installment in its running tally of alleged racism in the high arts: the Staatsballett Berlin (Berlin State Ballet) treated a black ballerina differently because of the color of her skin. Oh, wait! That was yesterday’s template. Today’s is that a black ballerina was treated the same as white ballerinas. The search for racism requires just such rhetorical nimbleness.”

Naturally, Lopes Gomes alleges another instance of bias: her contract was not renewed for the coming season. Never mind that 11 of her fellow dancers—all-white—were also let go. If a white person is dismissed, not hired, or not promoted, it is assumed to be for cause. If a black person suffers a negative employment outcome, the only reason must be racism. Lopes Gomes does not explain how her case differs from those of her 11 colleagues,” the ( reports.

‘Contaminating our artistic inheritance with the poison of identity politics is no way to build new audiences or strengthen our traditions. It merely gives ignorant young people another reason to reject something precious and sublime.

The destruction being carried on in this post-George Floyd moment cannot be overstated. Everything in the West’s cultural inheritance, whether in music, literature, or art, is coming down'” the Journal continues.

Identity politics has run amock. The preferred treatment propaganda that the modern operators of morality bestow upon their favored people or symbols (statutes. Etc.) fall on the ears of the easily controlled masses who do not think critically for themselves; this is why Candice Owens says black Americans are the victims of the Democrats and “brainwashed” vis-a-vis their anti-American propaganda. Similarly, many younger voters are blindly subscribing to false messages pushed by the left-minded media.

The left uses shame  and other psychological methods to keep their uninformed masses to fall in line with their tortured perception of racial inequalities as they push for social benefits used to captivate the unenlightened; as former President Lyndon B. Johnson purportedly said after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, that is wrongfully regarded as legislation that “helped” black Americans, “that he would “have those niggers voting Democrat for the next two hundred years,” Candice Owens says in her book, “Blackout.”

The point is, Democrats believe that liberal legislation attracts minorities; they think that by pushing into law programs that are perceived to benefit minorities, they will be seen as champions by groups understood to be in need; symbolically, as Owens opines, the Democrats goal is to keep some racial groups on the “Democrat plantation.”

Democrats and other social media outlets actively endorse systemic racism claims to attract voters from all races to adopt such ideas blindly. E.g., Trump is a racist; although Trump accomplished more for minorities than any other President, the false propaganda goes unexamined and is adopted by noncritical “thinkers” even though they cannot cite examples of Trump racism. If you repeat a lie often enough, it will eventually be perceived as true.

A majority of Millennials and Generation Z voters have fallen into this trap.

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