Alleged Cult Mom, Lori Vallow, has Pleaded Not Guilty to Charges Related to her Two Dead Children-No Murder Charges in the Works

Cult’ mom Lori Vallow has pleaded not guilty to charges related to the deaths of her children. 

Lori, 47, entered her plea for two felony counts of conspiracy to conceal or destroy evidence on Thursday morning in Madison County District Court via a Zoom call from jail, according to the Daily Mail.

District Judge Dane Watkins Jr scheduled her jury trial for April 2021.

This month marked the first anniversary of the disappearance of Lori’s children, Joshua ‘JJ’ Vallow and Tylee Ryan, whose bodies were found buried on her husband Chad Daybell’s property in June.  

Investigators believe the children, who were never reported missing by their mother, were murdered within hours when they vanished within two weeks of each other in September 2019.   

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Timeline of JJ and Tylee’s disappearance provided by Daily Mail  

July 11, 2019: Lori Vallow’s husband, Charles Vallow, is killed by her brother, Alex Cox, in Arizona. Police initially ruled that Alex acted in self-defense but reopened the case months later after the children are reported missing. 

August: Lori moves children JJ and Tylee to Rexburg, Idaho, where her future husband Chad Daybell lives with Tammy.

September 8: The last time Tylee is seen during a trip to Yellowstone National Park with Lori, JJ, and Alex. In the following weeks, she tells people who ask where Tylee is that she’s studying Brigham Young University’s Idaho campus.

September 23: The last time JJ is seen at his school in Rexburg. Lori emailed the school the following day and claimed she is moving the family to California for a new job. 

October 2: Brandon Boudreaux, the ex-husband of Lori’s niece Melanie Pawlowski, is targeted in a drive-by shooting in Arizona. Police identify the vehicle carrying the shooter as a Jeep registered to Charles Vallow, Lori’s late husband. 

October 19: Chad’s wife Tammy, 49, dies at their Idaho home. An obituary states that she passed away peacefully in her sleep. Chad declines an autopsy, and her death is listed as natural causes.

October 25: A friend of Tylee receives a vague ‘miss you’ text from her phone but says it didn’t sound like the teen.   

November 5: Lori and Chad tied the knot on a beach in Kauai. Receipts indicate that Lori purchased her own wedding ring from Amazon nearly three weeks prior to Tammy’s death. 

November 26: Out-of-state relatives ask Idaho police to perform a welfare check on JJ. Lori and Chad claim he is in Arizona with relatives and asks their friend, Melanie Gibb, to lie and say she took the boy there for Thanksgiving. Police soon learned that no one had seen JJ, or his older sister Tylee, since September. 

November 27: Police execute a search warrant related to the children at Lori’s home and discover that she and Chad have fled Idaho.

December 11: Tammy’s body is exhumed from a Utah cemetery, and her death is reclassified as suspicious.

December 12: Lori’s brother, Alex Cox, is unresponsive in a bathroom in Arizona and dies. Months later, an autopsy determines that he died of natural causes while he overdosed with Narcan in his system. December 21: Rexburg police issue the first press release about JJ and Tylee, revealing they believe

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