American, Skylar Mack, jailed for 4 months in the Cayman Islands for violating Covid-19 quarantine rules

A U.S. college student and her boyfriend have been sentenced to four months in prison in the Cayman Islands for violating strict COVID-19 measures.

The decision to jail the couple, who are Americans, is believed by some to an example-setting act designed to encourage foreigners to obey the laws.

Skylar Mack is 18 and from Georgia, where she is a pre-med student at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. Mack did not dispute the violation where she slipped off her wired wrist band and joined her boyfriend at a competitive skiing event. She and others object to the harsh sentence. Both have been in jail since this past Tuesday.

We find the laws about the COVID-19 virus on the books in the Cayman Islands to be based on a mixture of flawed scientific evidence regarding the use of face masks and quarantine measures.

Some say that wearing masks have little value and can be harmful to those wearing them. Others opine that quarantine measures lead to false expectations.

Criminal laws based on scientific uncertainties are harmful. Moreover, it seems clear that the courts have not designed remedies closely tailored to address these issues; rather, they have arguably opted to employ scare tactics using an American to advance their unexamined remedies.

The sentence should be reduced to time served.

Also, Americans might want to think twice about spending a load of money before vacationing in the Cayman Islands.

The Overseas Security Advisory Council advises visitors that “to mitigate victimization, [visitors should] avoid solo trips to deserted beaches or poorly lit areas after dark,” a scary proposition.

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