Amy Coney Barrett Will be President Trump’s Nominee and the Senate Should Confirm.

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Senator Mitt Romney of Utah has given the party the 51 backers needed to move forward with voting on President Trump’s candidate to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died on Friday.

Democrats argued there should be no confirmation in an election year.

President Trump says he will nominate a woman (likely Amy Coney Barrett) on Saturday so not to interfere with Ginsburg’s Thursday funeral.

“Democrats will howl with anger, but at this point there’s not much they can do, procedurally, to stop what seems inevitable. Instead, they will issue warnings of grave consequences if and when they take power next year. They’ve threatened to add seats to the Supreme Court, admit new, Democratic-leaning states (namely, Washington DC and Puerto Rico) or strengthen the power of the Senate majority.” Source: BBC.  

The President has an absolute right to nominate a replacement for Ginsburg. The Senate has a duty to deny or confirm the nomination.  

We agree with the President’s decision to set forth his nomination and a vote should take place before the election.

If the Democrats including Kamala Harris, give the nominee anywhere near the evil treatment extended to Justice Brett Kavanaugh, they will be treading on dangerous ground. The mainstream voter has grown intolerant of such unprofessional tactics.

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