Amy Klobucher’s Questions Were Really a Regurgitation of far-left Political Dogma and Useless at Barrett’s Hearing

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Amy Klobuchar got her turn anew at the Senate Confirmation hearing today for Judge Barrett and again referred to the process as a “sham.” She then quickly turned to the Coronavirus, saying that people are dying, and the focus should not be on whether a judge should be confirmed.

Unfortunately, Klobuchar is so political, and her inquiries are not designed to elicit relevant or helpful responses. Her questions were really a regurgitation of far-left political dogma designed to scare honest citizens.

Of course, Klobucher would be singing a different tune if the Democrats were in control, and the hearing was over whether a Democrat should be confirmed. Klobucher is completely disingenuous.

During the confirmation process, it was painful watching and listening to Klobucher, with her minimum intellectual skills, trying to question a super-academic giant. Her analogies to tracking deer in the Minnesota northland were laughable.  

Using specific people inflicted with serious diseases and then suggesting that Nominee Barret would vote to rule the Affordable Care Act as unconstitutional is pathetic.

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