Ann Coulter’s Criticisms Over Trump’s Decision to Accept the Funding Bill for the “Wall” are Disingenuous


Trump accepted the funding bill worked out by Democrats and Republicans even though he thought the amount allotted for the wall was skimpy. The President responded by declaring a national emergency.

Some Republicans are upset, especially Anne Coulter. Over the past several weeks she has accused the President of capitulating to the demands of the Democrats. She has called Trump a “wimp”—the biggest to ever occupy the White House

The President said I hardly know her. I haven’t spoken to her in way over a year. He added she is “off the reservation.”

Coulter responded by saying “He seems to think ‘the reservation’ is HIM, not his campaign promises.” She appeared on a national network and lashed out at Trump by saying “The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot.” The Mexican border wall was “the promise he made every single day at every single speech. Forget the fact that he’s digging his own grave.”


The President has tried hard to keep his pledge to build a wall. He has built part of it already. The Democrats, many who have supported the building of a wall in the past, have fought him at every turn. Trump was correct to accept the 1.3 billion even if there are many landmines in the small print—Mayors can veto the construction in their cities, etc.

Coulter’s criticisms are disingenuous. What would she do? She has no reasonable solutions. She likes to keep herself in the spotlight, often making ridiculous claims in her tweets and publications. Trump chooses to ignore her and that is the right move.

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