No reasonable reader of newspapers in the world would doubt that the New York Times has a leftist agenda. Most of the time the paper doesn’t even deny it, but occasionally the editorials will point to stories they have published that are quasi-critical of their beloved President or their Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. The paper’s outright hatred for Donald Trump is blatantly obvious. Today,they took Trump to task on some ideas he recently expressed on foreign policy matters.

They wrote, ” Mr. Trump is confronting most of these issues for the first time, and many of his thoughts are contradictory and shockingly ignorant.” Ignorant by whose standards, one must ask. When did the Times become the vanguards of appropriate American foreign policy? They express astonishment over Trump’s belief that NATO has become too expensive for American taxpayers and not particularly useful when it comes to the major issues of the day– terrorism is outside the purview of this outdated organization. This country cannot long afford to be the world’s policemen. Truth be told, Trump is absolutely correct– NATO needs to be remodeled. The Time’s enmity towards Trump has once again clouded their judgment.

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