The Appointment of Mitt Romney to Secretary of State Makes Zero Sense and Contradicts Trump’s Stated Election “Loyalty” Virtues

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Mitt Romney

Donald Trump campaigned, in large part, on his theme that he valued loyalty: He espoused that virtue again and again on the campaign trail. His perspective on loyalty was infused into his workplaces; he regularly rewarded it, he often said. What is up with his consideration of Mitt Romney for Secretary of State?

When a candidate gets elected, the public expects some form of favoritism (often rewarding people with similar ideas and beliefs) or patronage (the federal Office of Personnel Management recently found that only 36.1 percent of federal workers believed that promotions in their work units were not based on merit).

Similarly, cronyism (partiality towards friends)– “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”– and nepotism (favoring members of the candidate’s immediate family) are expected to some degree.


Romney did everything he could to derail Trump’s candidacy– he called him a fake and a “fraud”He strongly urged everyone who would listen to him not to vote for Trump. He went out of his way in Utah, playing the Mormon card, to defeat Trump’s chances there. Consideration of Romney for Secretary makes zero sense. It may be wise “to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”, but where Romney is concerned, there is no advantage to Trump (or the country) to have him in this powerful office. Once bitten…..

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