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Elizabeth Drew wrote a short and predictable critical piece on Donald Trump for “Project Review” this month. Mainly, she propagates several negative themes circulating within the left-leaning mainstream media ( and within the “establishment” Republican circles that are supported by the billionaire donor class).  Drew barely disguises her contempt for the front-runner stating, ”Were he to become President – which cannot be ruled out at this point – there is little reason to doubt that he would exploit violence to maintain power.” She echoes the criticism of the left and paints him as naive and dangerous; she says there is angst and fear within establishment Republicans and that many “fear that something has been unleashed that no one can stop.” She calls Trump’s vow to erect a wall along the border with Mexico a “preposterous” notion even though most Americans support extensive improvements on border security. 

In the past, Drew has predicted that even if Trump’s remaining rivals can pick up enough delegates to keep him from amassing the 1,237 he needs for the nomination, it would be just the beginning of an immense problem for the Republican Party”. She expresses concern over Trump’s request at rallies for his supporters to “to raise their arms in a pledge to remain loyal to him, which produced an unnerving picture, was just one sign that he doesn’t plan to give up easily”. It is unclear why Drew finds this “unnerving”, but some think she is highlighting the steadfastness of these rally attendees, others see a feigned comparison to the loyalty pledges made to Hitler by his Nazi followers. Of course, if the latter comparison is the intent (and we cannot say), this would be an obnoxious low point even from a leftist perspective. Drew has written before that “the anger, fear, resentment, racism, and frustration that are playing into the current political climate make for a turbulent situation.”  She said that these feelings are not “prone to undermining our democratic system”, but the “disturbing thing is that that fascist tendency can even be glimpsed.” On balance, we find her writings disturbing.

It is true that Trump supporters, like Donald Trump, are loyal to the ninth degree, but it is grossly unfair to suggest even a comparison between Trump and Hitler, but for some, ignorance is bliss. Regardless of the ambiguity, what Drew, and others from the left, cannot seem to grasp is that there are a substantial number of honest, hard-working Americans who are tired of being overlooked and disenfranchised by politicians because they have been mostly silent for the past few decades. They believe that “their” time has come to be heard and fairly represented–Trump is their man, and they are willing to pledge their support. 

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