Article Correctly Debunks the 1619 Project by Replacing it with the 1620 Project

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“Four hundred years ago this month, a group of courageous Pilgrims crossed the Atlantic on a ship seasoned from years of service in the English Channel to arrive in America. Their ship was the Mayflower. On it, it bore a people with characteristics — bold, daring, foolish, devout — essential to the founding of a new nation that would become the envy of the world.”

“The 1620 Project [in contrast to the 1619 Project] is about understanding how all these characteristics are essential to understanding the American founding, and how they provided the basis for so much of what makes this nation great. It features the writings of prominent intellectuals, academics, and historians on the importance of 1620 to our understanding of who we were and who we are,” the federalist wrote.

The Federalist continues by opining that “we ought to appreciate the truth about 1620 amidst a time of constant historical revisionism: that it represents not just a convenient myth about the nation, but something essential to our founding.”

“But what the Pilgrims represented together as a community with the attributes willing to go on an “errand into the wilderness.” They believed, as Hebrews 11 told them, that they were “strangers and exiles on the earth…seeking a country of their own.” That was a country God would prepare for them — if they were bold enough to seek it.”

“Our nation and the creed it represents is under constant assault from the forces of revisionism, backed in a culture war by woke corporations, big tech, and the most malevolent forces within our media, all seeking to deny the value of the courage and dedication at the heart of America’s creation. The 1620 Project is about rediscovering this incredible true story, and, for the reader, finding the lessons about what it means for us as guardians of this inheritance today.”

We couldn’t agree more with this report. The 1619 project is essentially a collection of biased assessments; couple their writings with the spread of this malicious and reckless nonsense by Big Tech and toxic teachers who “educate” their students that President Trump is a racist and seemingly promoting the contents of the abject 1689 project, the article is a refreshing report on the true beginnings of our great country. 

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