As Toxic “Teachers” Groom Students to Hate Trump, Biden Funds the Spread of This Misanthropy Through Money From Billionaires.

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“Former Goldman Sachs President Harvey Schwartz contributed $100,000 to one of Joe Biden’s joint fundraising committees three weeks ago.

Schwartz’s name appears on a Federal Election Commission filing for donations to the “Biden Action Fund,” which raises money for Biden’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and state parties.

The donation is the latest example of big money coming from Wall Street to support Biden. While Biden has tried to play himself off as the people’s candidate, it is clear he is really the one profiting off the securities and investment industry. People in the financial sector have given well more than $50 million to back Biden, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, compared with some $10 million for President Donald Trump,” the Federalist reported.

Biden’s money from Wall Street is just one example of Biden’s lousy character; he consistently portrays himself as a working man’s candidate. Biden regularly declares that Trump is beholden to Wall Street, brokers, and the rich. However, the written data shows that Biden is the Wall Street lackey, and if elected, will be indebted to these rich folks.

It is not about the money—understandably, politicians need money to compete in elections. Instead, it is about the pure hypocrisy that envelopes Biden’s soul. He is a serial liar—almost about everything. He substitutes Trump for his disgusting habits and gets away with it compliments of the liberal mainstream press who refuse to examine him about anything material (“What flavor of ice cream did you get”?)

  Biden’s spewage of false information often aimed at misinformed younger voters who have been groomed by the toxic anti-Trump teacher for years ameliorates the wrongness of his conduct. I ran into a young woman yesterday who was wearing a facemask that read, “I don’t care.” I asked her what that meant, and she replied, Biden lies too much, and Trump is terrible—my teachers have taught me to hate Trump from ninth grade and that he is a racist.”  

Biden said that character is on the ballot. His continuous lies bear poorly on his credibility and integrity. His past conduct that includes plagiarism and lying to get through law school expands or reinforces the conclusion that Biden is a man of bad character.

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