As Violence Hits Suburbs, Suburban Moms Seem to be Turning to Trump

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Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka said that “leadership failed badly” in its handling of the unrest, and that their actions have “tarnished Minnesota’s reputation,” Bring me the news reported.  

“Pointing out that “there was an apology to CNN” following the arrest of one of the network’s reporters in Minnesota, Gazelka asked, ‘where’s the apology to the moms out in the suburbs scared to death about what’s happening all around them, and seeing the glowing fire in Minneapolis-St. Paul?’

Suburban moms continue to re-think their initial support for Joe Biden as they see their cities burn and brutal attacks on police and others.

Many now believe that the destruction and violence that continues to move into the suburbs comes from Biden supporters’ hands.

Biden only recently started to denounce the attacks, and only after the polls started to show widespread disapproval of the violence. Suburban moms are starting to reject Biden’s deceptive maneuvers.

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    Biden Refers To Trump Supporters As Ugly Folks At Minnesota Event

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