A 19-year-old Turkish woman who was taking part in a talent show, on par with such shows as “American Idol,” was shot in the head while she was rehearsing in her home in Diyarbakir province, a conservative region in south-east Turkey. Mutlu Kaya (19) was hospitalized in critical condition. She had been receiving death threats since first appearing on the show called Sesi Cok Guzel. One man, identified as “Veysel E,” a former boyfriend, has been arrested; he has been charged with attempted murder. Although the area has been progressive when it comes to women equality, many pockets of conservative and traditional religious followers remain. Turkey has an unusually high rate of domestic assaults against women. Some studies say that violence against women causes 20 percent of the divorces in the country and accounts for hundreds of deaths. A study in 2009 that is still widely circulated revealed that “acceptance of wife beating” was viewed as being OK by 57% of the male population. Interestingly, working women in the country were equally or more likely to justify wife beating compared to nonworking women.

Hundreds of Turkish women marched in the country’s biggest city Istanbul in July 2017 to protest against the violence and animosity they face from men demanding they dress more conservatively, according to the Jerusalem Post.  The women dubbed their march “Don’t Mess With My Outfit,” started in the Kadikoy district on the Asian side of the city. Women chanted slogans and carried denim shorts on hangers as examples of the type of clothing some men say they find unacceptable, according to the Jerusalem Post.

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