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Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager, was summoned to appear in court for the alleged simple battery of reporter Michelle Fields on March 8th. The video depicts the incident to the extent that Lewandowski does appear to grab her arm. However, the same videos also show Field’s grabbing at Trump in an apparent attempt to get his attention and Secret Service agents reaching for her. There is no doubt that Trump, as a Presidential candidate, is entitled to protection. Indeed, the Secret Service does provide this service for him. Also, Trump’s staff is allowed to protect him. The defense of “protection of others” is clearly available to his campaign manager. A review of the videos, including the stills that depict Secret Service agents reaching for Fields– they appear concerned over her aggressive actions– exonerate Lewandowski. The Charges are a joke, and almost certainly are politically motivated with the goal to show that Trump has “women problems”, a notion that has no basis in fact. Of course, without examination, Cruz and Kasich criticized Trump. As a lawyer, Cruz should know better but he frequently shows bad judgement on many legal issues. Kasich is simply out of the loop on most issues.

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