The liberal press beats up on Donald Trump every chance they get: The New York Times is the largest biased publication, but the usual suspects, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, et al., follow close behind. Each is entitled to their opinions, but they will play hell trying to recover from their unprecedented bias in their coverage of the Trump/Clinton election: They are so anti-Trump that one can no longer trust their writings.

We noted that the New York Times recently dedicated 80 percent of the upper-half of their front page to pro-Clinton or anti-Trump articles or opinions.

To the Times credit, they no longer seem to claim to be neutral about their coverage of the election– a Trump Presidency would be too dangerous, and it is better to pepper the paper with as many negative Trump stories as they can rather than risk a Trump victory.

The Atlantic, however, is slightly more disingenuous about their pro-Trump coverage: In the November 2016 issue, the editors cite the magazine’s 1857 “founding statement” that prohibits them from becoming “the organ of no party or clique,” but chose to ignore it and place an anti-Trump story on the cover. They violate their own rules because they also think Trump is too dangerous: He’s a “demagogue,” “xenophobe,” “sexist,” “know-nothing” and a “liar,” they bellow. Really! – and Clinton isn’t a liar and a crook!

There was a time when you could trust these publications to put out real stories. But integrity and honesty is no longer the norm in the “news” business. They are writing, for the most part, to liberals and they know it. These entities have a shitty opinion of blue-collar workers who they perceive to be Trump supporters and they do not make money from truck drivers, welders, carpenters, factory workers and other tradesmen– so they don’t write, or accept ads from companies that appeal to the “lower class” Trump backers. But still, you would expect a modicum of honesty about this election from these self-proclaimed elitists.

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