Backlash Against Trump Continues In The Press and On the Streets

Protestors in New York. Credit, NY Times

As young liberal writers continue to stir the anti-Trump pot, protesters maintain their recalcitrance towards his non-plurality election across the country. Staying representative of the left-wing press, a staff member from the Salon writes, “The Republican billionaire, who ran an overtly racist, extreme right-wing campaign, defeated Hillary Clinton in a massive political surprise this week, apparently losing the popular vote but winning in the electoral college.” 

The continued movement against Trump in various publications now follows on the heels of numerous editorials that rejected Trump before the election, many who previously endorsed mainly Republican candidates.

Less than a week ago, the Washington Post, an anti-Trump publication, proudly wrote, “ Many newspapers that have traditionally endorsed Republican presidential candidates rejected Trump. The list includes the San Diego Union-Tribune, Arizona Republic, Cincinnati Enquirer, Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle and the State of Columbia, S.C., all of which backed Clinton, instead.”

Another typical anti-Trump piece appeared in the USA Today: “Trump is ‘unfit for the presidency,” the front page editorial read. Of course, given the divide in the plurality vote, it is to be expected that papers would disagree over the choice for President, however, not since the Richard Nixon days have the publications been so divided.

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