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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange addresses journalists in Berlin via video link on 4 October 2016
Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange.


The BBC has reported that “Wikileaks says an unidentified ‘state actor’ has shut down internet access for its founder Julian Assange. It is not clear who the “state actor” is at present, however, the site has been regularly releasing emails that have been significantly damaging to the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign.

An investigation is underway. However, early reports indicate that Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, thinks he was shut down by Ecuador officials. There has not been further explanations or concerns expressed by Assange.There was no way to immediately verify if he had been knocked offline, and if so, what was Ecuador’s motivation,” the BBC reports.

The Democrats have been spinning the notion that the Russians are behind the leaks that have shown Clinton to be disingenuous about her public versus private dealings with Wall Street Bankers and similarly situated entities.

Documents released by the FBI contain an accusation that Pat Kennedy, under secretary of state for management, tried in late June or early July of last year to get the FBI to change a classified email to unclassified, in exchange for State Department “allowing the FBI to place more Agents in countries where they are presently forbidden.”
Patrick Kennedy

One of the latest revelations contained in captured emails raised concern over Clinton operative, Patrick Kennedy’s alleged attempt to convince the FBI to change the classification of Hillary Clinton emails, news reports suggest.

According to a new report from Fox News, “new FBI files reviewed by Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), Chair of the House Oversight Committee, potentially point toward a ‘quid pro quo’ arrangement between the State Department and the FBI whereby Patrick Kennedy, a senior executive at the State Department, offered ‘additional slots for the FBI at missions overseas’ in return of “altering the classification” of certain Hillary Clinton emails. If true, of course, this new evidence could serve to discredit the entire FBI investigation as the notes are a ‘flashing red light of potential criminality.’”

The FBI denies that any “quid pro quo” was offered in the fight between the Bureau and State Department over the classification level of the email, though one interview described it as such. 


The swirl of emails that have been released by Wikileaks over the past several weeks has raised serious questions concerning Hillary Clinton’s veracity on several fronts. The Clinton team has not disputed the content of the emails, rather, they have deflected the issue by saying the emails were hacked by the Russian government. The implication, if not the stated opinion of the Clinton campaign, is that the Russians are trying to influence the outcome of the Presidential election.

No hard evidence to support the Russian conspiracy has surfaced to support the Clinton campaign’s assertions. But even if it is true that the Russian government hacked the emails and then turned the material over to Wikileaks, this does alter the fact that Hillary Clinton has been lying and talking out of both sides of her mouth. It is clear that she told the Wall Street bankers what they wanted to hear as she was collecting huge speaking fees, and then told the public that she was going to save them from the unscrupulous practices of the bankers.

If it turns out to be true that Kennedy attempted to get the FBI to change the security classification of certain emails, every effort should be made to determine whether Clinton was aware of these efforts. It seems unlikely that she would not be.


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