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You can bet on virtually anything in Las Vegas and the people who set the odds are rarely wrong– these folks are not political pundits blowing smoke. (That is why Las Vegas is glitzy and rich– casinos make money!). Within a day of some star becoming pregnant, you can wager on the sex of the child, the color of the eyes, number of days before delivery, and virtually anything else about the birth process. The majority of the bets placed (other than the typical ones taking place in the casinos) are on sporting activity. In politics, the odds of Donald Trump winning the Presidency are 5/2 and Clinton is 4/9. (The others are more than 20/1). An interesting bet occurs when you ask what the odds are for Hillary winning if anyone other than Donald Trump is her opponent. If Trump is not in the race, Hillary Clinton’s odds increase to 12/2. In other words, she is a clear winner if Trump is not in the picture– no other candidate can beat her– period. This phenomenon will (odds clearly establish) occur because Trump supporters will vote for Clinton or stay home.  You think the odds are not correct, or that they don’t have collateral consequences? They do. Take the issue of drug companies and the lack of competition under the current process (“Obama Care”)– this is a point Trump has made. If Trump dropped out of the race (or did not secure the Republican nomination), stock prices for drug companies are expected to increase by billions. Why? Clinton is expected to keep competition at bay, Trump would not. In this regard, A Clinton win would be a boon for drug companies. If you are a betting man or woman, the safe bet is on Trump to win (Republican nomination), but if he is out of the race, this would be that once in a lifetime to “bet the farm” on Clinton– or better yet, buy drug company stock– either way, you will get rich!

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