Biden attacks Trump in his scripted electoral college speech and says nothing about Hunter Biden’s federal probe

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Joe Biden delivered a bogus attack on President Donald Trump’s lawsuits and allegations of electoral fraud – demanding in a prime-time speech Monday that the ‘will of the people’ be honored.

Biden, reading from a script, was made to clear his hoarse throat repeatedly but still endured to attack President Trump, saying, ‘In America, politicians don’t take power — the people grant it to them.’ That is the point, but it should be steered at Biden, who hid in a bunker and let the mainstream media and Big Tech do his bidding for him.

Biden is a dishonest man who has no independent thoughts. His attacks on Trump’s character when he was worse; his claims that Trump had messed up the Coronavirus plans for recovery when it is now clear that he did not; his strategy to scare older citizens over the virus and simultaneously and dramatically call for massive mail-in ballots from seniors all shed light on Biden’s horrifically bad character.

Biden made no remarks about his son Hunter Biden’s entanglement with federal agents. He has affirmed that he does not know any of his son’s sketchy dealings with foreign nations, a proposition that seems unlikely given the comprehensive nature of such investigations. Time will tell.

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