Biden Refuses to Address the Violence Occurring Daily in Our Cities Across the Nation.

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Many of Biden’s supporters who are middle-aged men and women have ascended to a comfortable lifestyle—their democratic leanings are merely symbolic. They don’t really care much about economic or health policies—they are and will continue to live comfortably.

It is the young radicals who care most—so much so, that many of them are willing to engage in criminal protests and acts of brutal violence. Most are fervent supporters of Biden—not because of their like for Biden rather, because of their hatred of President Trump.

What is stunning so far in this election is Biden’s acceptance of these radicals and their actions on the streets of our major cities. Biden has not denounced the violence or the actors. He refuses to address these issues.

Biden’s posture on these matters is unprecedented (with the exception of Obama). It seems clear that he is terrified of the radicals—including BLM. He doesn’t want their wrath.

Because Biden is too cowardly to condemn the actions of these street thugs, numerous law-abiding business owners are losing their business’. Police officers, constrained by left-leaning Democrats, are being injured on a daily basis. Other innocent protestors are being beaten into unconsciousness.

Biden is trying to sit on the sidelines with the hope that he will be elected by saying and doing nothing. American voters should not let him get by with it.

 In contrast, President Trump has stood by willing and able to quell the violence (as he did in Minneapolis) but he must be asked to intervene by the Democrat politicians in the particular area where the violence is taking place. These Democrats refuse to ask him. Biden is too weak to be President.

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