Biden Says No More Rallies, Refuses to be Tested, Storms Off Stage When Asked About his Deficient Cognitive Condition

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Joe Biden, in a highly scripted political conference, made some innocuous comments about the Corona Virus, and when questioned, announced he would not be having any rallies. The decision was made after he was told that he is ahead of Trump in the vote count.

Biden said he hasn’t been tested for the virus because he doesn’t want to take anyone else’s place. Of course, that is totally self-serving. He agrees that the virus spread has been flattened and there is a “slight uptick” in new cases.

He also supported the tearing down of various historical monuments, refuses to say whether he would, if elected, nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court, and said Trump was not fit to be President. He said it was a dereliction of duty for the President not to know about the Russian bounty story– events that have not been proven.

Biden became noticeably shaken when he was asked about his cognitive deficiencies. He abruptly walked off the stage.

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