Biden Spends Record Cash on Election in Pennsylvania to Hide his Anti-Fracking and Oil and Energy Goals

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Biden now has another title – the highest spending candidate on TV ads in campaign history. Much of that money has been spent in Pennsylvania–especially since he announced his anti-fracking and energy goals.

The former vice president’s shelled out $582.7 million to run television commercials since launching his White House bid last year, according to Advertising Analytics, a leading national ad tracking firm. 

That’s slightly more than former New York City mayor and billionaire business and media mogul Mike Bloomberg spent earlier this year to run ads during his unsuccessful four-month campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. Bloomberg broke the ad-spending record set by then-President Barack Obama during the 2012 campaign.

Biden’s spent nearly $250 million more to run TV spots than President Trump, who’s dished out $342 million this cycle on ad spending, Bright reported.  

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  1. Bob says

    Where did Biden get the money on a Senators salary to afford multi-million dollar houses!! Save Duluths fossil fuel jobs–vote Trump!!

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