Biden’s vulnerable deposits and angst toward Trump have fueled the Coronavirus transition issue

If Biden has a huge Coronavirus challenge ahead, he is partially to blame; throughout his campaign, during his scattered and limited comments, he wasted no time accusing President Trump of his alleged failures in combatting the virus. Biden did not attempt to install any praise on Trump, and instead, offered only derisive attacks. He failed to come up with any authentic designs of his own.

In the aftermath of Biden’s comprehensive lack of vision of handling the virus, his attacks, and mainstream media and Big Tech’s submission to Biden’s vulnerable deposits, the Biden team is now confronted with a certain degree of hostility from the Whitehouse; this angst is wholly understandable.

Trump wants his followers and naysayers to grasp the notion that he lived up to his promise to fight the virus vigorously. The emergence of the new vaccine, and many other advancements, has tended to prove that the President has done just that. The President has received no praise from Biden or the press; one can understand the anger.

We also think the President will make all the virus transition informational available to Biden. But any claim that Biden has been straight forward on the matters that led up to these issues is false. Biden’s running mate’s declaration that she would not take any vaccination from the President and his constant criticism of Trump’s progress has dramatically fueled the transition controversy.   

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