Big Tech and Mainstream Press Declare War on 50 Million Patriotic Americans

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Big Tech has declared war against approximately 50 million conservative Americans. Their battle plan is both lethal and straightforward; Suppress over 90 percent of conservative articles and bolster leftist posts. They are aggressively rigging the 2020 election.

The so-called mainstream press has undertaken a full-throated partnership with Big Tech. For example, the substantiated story on Hunter Biden’s money laundering scheme has not been covered at all by them. They refuse to write about Biden’s racist acts and his incompetence.

Big Tech and the mainstream press refuse to cover Donald Trump’s accomplishments. They intentionally ignore his peace agreements, military enhancements, buoyant economy, support for law and order, attention to African Americans’ overdue needs, and many other topics.

Instead, they peddle fake narratives such as Russian collusion, use outright artificial anonymous sources to bolster outright lies. Big Tech and mainstream media have no regard for truth. They won’t even advance any support for victims of the suppressive acts—they left the New York Post out in the cold.

Significantly they coddle Biden as if he was a toddler; they never ask him substantive questions—instead, they ask what flavor of ice cream he’s eating! They actively spread rumors of fear using the Coronavirus as a combat tool.

The mainstream press and Big Tech has lost all respect of at least 5o million Americans. They will never recover—partial Source: Federalist.  

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